Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HGTV Special

HGTV Special: Holiday Windows 2008
Go behind-the-scenes in some of the most popular department stores in North America to witness the creation of their fabulous holiday window displays, and meet the talented designers who spend all year bringing these elaborate fantasies to life.

The show airs at these times:
December 14th: 8:00 PM
December 15th: 12:00 AM
December 21st: 5:00 PM
December 24th: 4:00 PM
December 25th: 11:00 AM
December 25th: 10:00 PM
December 26th: 2:00 AM

It will include some of the windows I've featured in my blog here...keep an eye out for us!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Windows 1

Here are pictures of how these NYC windows turned out! I'm partial to windows 2 and 4 since I painted the most work for them. The theme is about the magic behind ordinary things...the different creatures in each window are making tinsel, ornaments, snowflakes and the like. Window 4 is an interactive claw game...how awesome is that!

Window 1:

Window 2:

Window 3:

Window 4:

Window 5:

Window 6:

Here are pictures from the opening of the windows!
Santa was there...

And so was Kermit...

The designer of the windows...

Eric trying out his claw machine

Windows 1 install

Here are pictures I took during the installation of these NYC windows...

Window 5 in a more disheveled state...back at the shop

The windows before installation

Amanda and Andy working in the ball pit

India airbrushing in window 2

Peeling the vinyl for a walk through

Kevin on walkies with Amanda

Greg crawling around in window 5

Amanda blowing snow in Window 3

Amanda and India's long johns in ball pit

Visiting Santaland

Angel in Window 1

Dan in Window 3

Break time is cuddle puddle time

Windows 2

These NYC windows are based on a children's book about a snowflake named Mike. My favorite window is #2, the one with the rotating snowflakes!

Window 1:

Window 2:

Window 3:

Window 4:

Window 5 (complete with Tim snowflake):

Window 6:

The night the windows were revealed: