Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The glitter seeped into my art...

I create a lot of artwork on a regular basis, so here are the pieces I made that were specifically inspired by life in Santa's workshop...

This drawing/ painting/ collage is about my work-hands. The other day I was doing messy projects, and I looked like I was wearing colorful gloves since the paint had all dried before I could wash it off. I was amused.

Here's me on the subway: coated in paint, glitter, fake snow, and dirt. Filthy...physically exhausted...but so happy.

This drawing is an abstract interpretation of my morning commute on the subway. I find it interesting being part of this singular mass of people moving along the staircases and corridors. (See, those are abstract people going up stairs)

Between enjoying work and being in a good mood, I didn't feel like sitting at my desk to visually work though whatever thoughts weigh on my mind. So basically, this drawing is about my lack of motivation to make art when I'm happy and busy. None of my ideas taste good to me, so it feel like I have to squeeze the ideas out at times.

The caption sums it up. Billy brought homemade banana bread into work, and watching the hungry Spaeth-cadets attack it at break time was like watching a pack of lions attack an antelope carcass. But not in an icky way. A funny way.

This drawing was about my desire to make art during our busy work-weeks, but I found that I was just too drawined to carry out my ideas. I would sit there at my desk staring at the paper, mentally folding in on myself. Then there was nothing else to do but give up and go to sleep.

I had spent all day painting faux marble on a deck with Amanda, and when I got to the subway I was relieved to get to sit down (ahhh...) and close my eyes for a few minutes. But once I closed my eyes, I saw those marble veins just clear as day! Nooo! It had been a long day indeed.

There's actually gliltter on this comic, although it's hard to see in this scanned version! I just had to draw this because all week I've just been tossing on glitter, sprinkling on glitter, and blowing on glitter to these Macy's sets. And glitter gets everywhere. Normally my appearance sparks involuntary laughter whenever my coworkers catch a glimpse of me. Daniel is the one who called me a magical hobo...he was right.

This comic is about how sometimes when I'm out with people I sort of withdraw. (Ever been out with me when I'm drinking and I'm tired? You might have seen this...) I suddenly become overwhelmed by social interaction, and I shut down for a little bit...until I snap out of it and hop back in. I know, it sounds weird. But this comic here shows how that feels like to me. The people there are simplified versions of my co-workers Billy, Dustin, and Amanda.

I drew this little silly comic on a (drawn) napkin because it's a scene from the bar after work with the other Macy's zombies. I just found it so funny, but maybe I'm just retarded. (That's Matt 'Bones' on the left, then Eric and Matt)

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